Introduction and History

Established in 1971, HICASA (Hierros y Carbones S.A.) specialises in the storage, transformation, distribution and commercialisation of railway materials, rails and railway accessories of all types in accordance with both European (UNE EN), as well as American (ASTM) Standards, not to mention others such as AREMA, etc.

HICASA belongs to a private group of companies,ROCES GROUP, which is made up of four enterprises in all, three of which are located in Asturias and one in the Basque Country. Among the group we have a coke production factory, a light rail manufacturer, as well as companies that specialise in the commercialisation and distribution of blast-furnace coke and other types of coals and related raw materials.

The companies and the business activities pursued by same go to make up a group that brings together over 50 year’s experience in the steel and coal sectors.

SINCE 1971

From the outset, its founders put all their effort and knowledge into the search of simplicity and efficiency, to which end they designed a company structure based on the technical and commercial expertise of our activities.
Traditionally, the areas in which we pursue our business activity have been, and continue to be:
Iron and Steel.
Coal and its by-products.

At first, we only dealt in the field of distribution, and afterwards not only as merchandisers, but also as producers and manufacturers.

HICASA is special in the sense that it combines its role of distributor with that of manufacturer, given that it possesses its own specialist light rail factory, a fact which endows it with a unique market profile.

Moreover, our experience puts us in an ideal Supply Chain Management situation, enabling us to act as traders for the direct supply of large orders from the supplier to the client, no matter what the geographical origin of the goods, or their final destination be.

We can boast of a roofed surface area at our installations of over 13,000 m2, where we dispose of modern cutting and drilling machines that enable us to transform iron and steel and to supply orders of any format and measurement, in accordance with the specifications requested by our clients.

The size of our installations means that we can dispose of a large selection of rail references (light, heavy, crane…) and accessories (splice bars, chair plates, nuts and bolts….), thus we can guarantee service at all times and offer early delivery dates.

We have entered into several, wide ranging collaboration agreements with large steelworks and other distributors located in different countries.
Ongoing market developments and the ever changing needs of our clients have led us to continuously seek excellence in our processes and operations in order to be able to meet those needs and demands at all times.

Specialisation, internationalisation, along with the search for new products and services are the fruits of our search, which today, and as always, we place at the entire disposal of our clients.

All the knowledge and experience that has been acquired over the last 50 years has given rise to us exporting over 50% of our products abroad, our natural markets being Europe, South America, Canada, North Africa and Eastern countries.