Iron and Steel

HICASA is a Spanish company and market leader in the specialist supply of track materials.

At HICASA we have an extensive selection of products, ranging from light rails to heavy ones, not to mention crane rails and other types of special rail, including all of the securing accessories required, thus enabling us to respond to all our clients' queries.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a simple, customised and integrated solution to all their queries. Moreover, our team, which is staffed by the best professionals in their respective areas, enables us to advise our clients at all times, speedily and efficiently responding to the queries and doubts expressed by them.

We at HICASA guarantee a maximum response time of 24 hours to all of our clients queries and doubts.

Generally speaking, we can say that there are five types of rails:

Light rails
Heavy rails.
Crane rails.
Special rails.
Groove rails.