HICASA and its commitment to Quality

HICASA and its commitment to Quality

Certified since 1997 by Lloyd’s Register, HICASA is a holder of the ISO 9000 quality certificate that accredits the assurance of our storage and distribution processes for iron and steel products.

    • HICASA is a member of the following associations: FADE, FEMETAL, UNALHIERRO, UAHE, CLUB ASTURIANO DE LA CALIDAD, etc.

    • Management, the maximisation of processes and resources, operational safety, product quality, costs’ managements….all of these are inherent to quality.

    • Our extensive experience has enabled us to carefully select the list of approved suppliers that currently work with us in accordance with our supplier’s assessment procedures, which forms part of our quality management and assurance system, which in turn serves to certify the quality of our products and services.

    • Download Cetificate LLOYDS

    • All the products supplied by HICASA carry quality certificates accrediting the fact that the chemical and physical requirements of the product comply with the reference standard pursuant to which they have been manufactured. We aim to offer our clients the best service and products in accordance with the requirements and standards specified by them.
    • Our quality policy is spread among all our staff making sure that it is understood by all our people. Likewise it is made available to all individuals, organizations or companies interested in our policy.