Iron and Steel


HICASA offers its clients a wide range of Iron and Steel products of all types, and particularly:
  • Corrugated bars, 4000 and 5000 qualities.
  • Mail and Mesh.
  • Wire rod.
  • Vigas IPN, IPE, HEB, HEA, UPN, Simple T.
  • Round, square, rectangular, galvanised flanged tubes.
  • Commercial, industrial, fluted, press-formed, diamond plated, cold-rolled, galvanised sheet metal.
  • Rectangular, square, round and semi-round bars.
  • Equal and unequal-sided angle irons.
  • Strip iron and steel and Billets .
All of the above comes in a wide range of commercial sizes and measurements, the majority of which are immediately available, or nearly so. We also have several cold cutting lines to provide customised measurements to our clients. Moreover, we possess our own road hauliers.