Iron and Steel

Light Rails

  • Light rails are those the weight of which does not exceed 40 kg per linear metre.
  • Generally speaking, we can say that they range from 7 kg/m (the smallest) to 40 Kg/m, which is the heaviest.
  • They are mainly used to support the movement of machines that are not excessively heavy and that do not transport very heavy loads.
  • Our factory, as part of the HICASA group to which it belongs, is the only one in Spain, and practically in Europe, that specialises in the manufacturing of all types of light rails.
  • They are used both in mining, as well as in automated factories and warehouses, such as drying houses; factories that manufacture pre-fabricated ceramics and concrete, construction companies, etc.
  • In the so-called European Type profiles, the most common reference standard of which is the DIN5901 Standard all over Europe (except for the United Kingdom).
  • There are other manufacturing standards, such as the A.R.E.A., the A.S.C.E. etc.
  • In the so-called American Type profile, the reference manufacturing standards are the ASTM and the AREMA.